Mid Maryland Performing Arts Center


There are specific reasons why MMPAC truly impacts young lives and is a cut above the rest. We think parents and students say it best: 

Life Pathways
I am a grandfather of one of your dancers and live in Western Pennsylvania.  My wife and I attended both your Saturday evening and Sunday performances this past weekend.  Our own daughter took dance lessons for 12 years so we have experienced a number of performances but none like we experienced this past weekend.  The energy level and quality of performances by your students was none like we have experienced in W. PA.  Let alone the creative choreography that your staff put into the performances – so enjoyable to experience the songs in such expressions as well how you highlight each performer within the dance.  You, your staff and your students have worked hard and it shows in the fun they seem to have in performing.  Thank you for adding such enjoyment to our granddaughter’s life in the performing arts.  So nice to hear how you are reaching out beyond the community in sharing ideas and culture.  Your teachings will be greatly appreciated by these young students many years down their life paths.  Thank you and will look forward to hopefully many more performances.

-- Dave McKnight, current grandparents

Lovely Dance Year                                                                                                                                              
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we are with MMPAC. This is our first year with you and we have had a wonderful experience. All the staff we have worked with have been very professional, helpful, and kind.  The benefit dance in the fall was amazing and Marina had a great time performing in it. It is so good for the children to dance for a good cause.  The recital was absolutely lovely. Thank you for all the email updates, informative emails, and consistent communication regarding it. All the dances, songs, and costumes were classy and age-appropriate. Thank you for a lovely dance year. We wish we had joined you sooner! We appreciate your professionalism and love for your studio, students, and staff.

 -- Carissa and Harris Yfantis, current parents

Every Child Has the Chance to Shine
MMPAC offers something for every kind of dancer.  Whether it’s taking a class or two, all the way up to those who have it as their passion…it meets the needs for both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.      
– Meg Madden, parent of MMPAC alum

They Really Bring Out the Best in all the Kids.
Even kids who are a bit shy seem to come out of their shells.  The teachers at MMPAC seem to be able to reach each child at his or her own level.   
– Maria Mays, current parent

Highest Quality Shows & Recitals
Our recitals are by far the best.  I’ve been to other shows that my friends are in, and our recitals stand out.  I work hard all year to get ready, because it’s fun to be a part of something that’s so good.   
– Eric Schoberg, student

High Standards of Dance Instruction AND Student Behavior
Students are expected to dress conservatively and maintain good behavior in and out of classes.  And you can’t top the level of instruction they receive from all the teachers.  I like seeing standards of discipline that match our own family’s values. 
– Nancy Chaney, current parent

Fantastic Teachers!
I love the teachers!  They are all so nice, and I learn a lot from them.  
Hayley Stone, student

It’s a Family Feeling Here
When I was growing up and attending classes at MMPAC, it felt like my home away from home.  Even now that I’ve graduated and gone onto college, I love to come back and occasionally teach classes.  I’ll always feel like there’s a place for me here.                
– Kacie Peterson, MMPAC alumni

 They Really Listen to Our Needs
I was impressed by their ability to look into the girls and see what they needed and offer to meet that need.  One year when my daughter was in FX, they put in a class for leaps and turns, because the girls were saying they felt like that was a weak area.  They built the classes around what they observed the girls would benefit from.  They just really seemed to respond to where the girls were at different times. 
– Linda Proctor, parent of MMPAC alum

They Give Back to the Community
When my daughters dance at a nursing home or at a benefit performance for a good cause, they get a whole new layer of understanding of what the arts are all about.  It’s not just about getting the best plie or the best role in a performance; it’s about bringing joy to the lives of others.  
– Michele Abel, current parent

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