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Bringing the joy of movement to all

Unbound believes that movement through dance is vital to a balanced and healthy life. Everyone, regardless of physical, cognitive, or emotional abilities, age, or economic status deserves to experience the joy of movement.  Unbound works with a wide range of people to help them move beyond their perceived or actual limitations. Unbound lifts the spirits of those who thought dance was beyond their reach. It strengthens their bodies and stimulates their creativity. Unbound brings wholeness to people’s lives and lifts the spirits of the participants as well as those of the spectators

Become Unbound!

Contact us for more information about joining an existing dance class, developing a new class, or organizing a specialized on-site program. Limited financial assistance may be available.

Unbound, Inc.
Kimberly Price, Founder/ Director
c/ o Mid-Maryland Performing Arts Center
5901 Enterprise Court
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 Classes and Programs

Unbound provides dance classes and performance opportunities for all kinds of people - differently-abled, young and old. Classes may be held at Unbound’s home base at Mid-Maryland Performing Arts Center (MMPAC) in Frederick, MD, or they may be held on-site in other organization’s facilities. In every situation, classes are led by professionally trained instructors who work with the abilities of each individual to ensure meaningful, life-affirming experiences. People who have benefited from Unbound’s programs in the past include those with spina bifida, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, and add/adhd, as well as senior citizens.

Mainstream Classes

Many students with different abilities are successfully integrated into existing classes at Mid-Maryland Performing Arts Center’s state-of-the-art dance studios. These classes offer an exciting learning opportunity where all of the students come to understand differences, compassion, and ways of working together. Unbound students in these classes are encouraged to participate in MMPAC’s year-end performance.

Specialized Classes

Unbound develops specialized classes for specific groups of individuals who have similar needs. Using a variety of music, props, and movement games, the joy of dance can be made available to these students. These classes also take place at Mid-Maryland Performing Arts Center’s dance studios.

Outreach Programs

Unbound also develops customized outreach programs for such organizations as schools, group homes, and assisted living facilities. Unbound makes site-visits and offers personalized evaluations in order to create suitable programs for particular populations. Unbound instructors will travel to your facility to bring the joy of dance to your students or residents.

 In Unbound’s outreach activities, there are two ways for students to benefit from dance performances. Instructors can tailor a program so that a session of classes culminates in an informal sharing of dance with other students or residents. Unbound can also bring an exhilarating dance performance to your facility where everyone can enjoy the excitement of movement.

About the Founder/Director

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