Mid Maryland Performing Arts Center


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February 9th, 2018

FCC: JBK Theatre

Time TBD



April 14th, 2018

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts




Artistry on the Edge

May 19th and 20th

The Weinburg Center for Performing Arts



 Here is the lineup for the performance for first half and second half
> dancers:
> 1st Half
> Freaks Like Me – Acting Up, Jazz 310/320.F, Jazz 380.F – Nicole 
> Blackbird – MT 685.F – Nicole 
> Solo – Brooke Wilson 
> Suzy Snowflake -- PreDance 101/102.N – Olivia 
> Last of the Mohicans – FX – Hannah 
> Party Scene March – Ballet 240/245.F – Amy W 
> Jingle Bells – HH/JF 740/795.N – Olivia 
> Carol of the Bells – Modern 570.F – Lauren 
> Uptown Girl – PreDance 102/103.N – Courtney 
> Storm Coming – FX – Amy H 
> Solo – Hannah Romagnoli 
> Good Ship Lollipop – Combo 103.N – Hannah 
> Move – FX – Corinne 
> Faith – Lyrical 942/952.N – Olivia 
> 2nd Half 
> Almost Like Being in Love – Taps 450.N, 450/460.F, 470.F –
> Christine 
> White Christmas – HH/JF 720/730.F – Chrissi 
> Together – FX – Lauren 
> Conform – FX – Olivia 
> Heatmiser – Acrodance I.N – Kimberly 
> Solo – Jamie Becker 
> Dance of the Merlitons – Ballet 245/250.N – Kelsy 
> Somebody Loves You – Jazz 395.F – Hannah 
> Solo – Natalie Wright 
> Sleigh Ride – FX – Lauren 
> November – Lyrical 992.F – Lauren 
> For Now I Am Winter – Special Topics II – Lauren 
> Frosty the Snowman – Jazz 330/340.F -- Kimberly 
> Dancers in Freaks Like Me, Heatmiser, and Good Ship Lollipop should
> arrive at FCC’s JBK Theater lobby at 6:00 in costume, with cover up.
> Other first half dancers should arrive to FCC's JB Kussmaul
> Theater lobby in their costumes with a cover up over it (with makeup
> and hair done) at 6:45. If they are in more than one dance, please
> bring extra costumes and shoes in a garment/dance bag with everything
> labeled with names. If part of your class assigned costume is being
> provided by the studio, it will be waiting in the dressing room and
> backstage staff will assist in getting it to your dancer.
> Second half dancers are to arrive at 7:00 with their first costume on
> with a cover up over it (hair and makeup done) and extra costumes in a
> garment/dance bag with everything labeled.
> All dancers check in with my staff at the information table in the
> lobby and will then be escorted back to the dressing rooms by our
> volunteers. Parents are not permitted backstage.
> The house will open between 7:00 and 7:15 and seating is general
> admission. We anticipate a full house so please enter the theater and
> move to the center of the rows. Do not leave empty seats between
> people. Please do not expect to video the show from your seat. Members
> of the audience want to watch the show without distraction and
> obstructed views (cameras)....please be a professional and courteous
> member of the audience. FLASH photography is PROHIBITED! 
> Where to video the show: There is a staging area to the left of the
> balcony seating where we place people who want to tape the show. This
> is not a come and go place, this is for people setting up tripods for
> the duration of the performance.
> PreDancers and Combo 103 dancers should be picked up from the
> backstage entrance at intermission. It is in the theater to the left
> of the stage as you are looking at it. Ms Nicole will point this out 
> during opening announcements. The theater opens up a bit after
> intermission so seating is not an issue. Other dancers will remain
> with their classes and my volunteers to watch the second half at the 
> back of the theater. Please send one parent to the stage entrance at
> the end of the show for all other dancers.
> Thank you for allowing your dancer to participate in this wonderful
> event. It has become an exciting tradition at MMPAC. MMPAC Cares to
> Dance teaches our students that they can share their love of 
> dance while also doing good things for others less fortunate in their
> community and in the world. MMPAC truly does IMPACT lives through
> dance and theater.
> Refreshments will be available for sale in the lobby during
> intermission. All snacks and beverages will be $1...please bring
> singles. Proceeds benefit SHIP and PACKS FOR HOPE....Frederick
> County 



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