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We Live Dance: Downtown

Saturday, June 4th, 2016
115/117 East Church Street, Historic Downtown Frederick




Westview Tree Lighting


MMPAC Cares to Dance


 Here is the lineup for the performance for first half and second half
> dancers:
> 1st Half
> Freaks Like Me – Acting Up, Jazz 310/320.F, Jazz 380.F – Nicole 
> Blackbird – MT 685.F – Nicole 
> Solo – Brooke Wilson 
> Suzy Snowflake -- PreDance 101/102.N – Olivia 
> Last of the Mohicans – FX – Hannah 
> Party Scene March – Ballet 240/245.F – Amy W 
> Jingle Bells – HH/JF 740/795.N – Olivia 
> Carol of the Bells – Modern 570.F – Lauren 
> Uptown Girl – PreDance 102/103.N – Courtney 
> Storm Coming – FX – Amy H 
> Solo – Hannah Romagnoli 
> Good Ship Lollipop – Combo 103.N – Hannah 
> Move – FX – Corinne 
> Faith – Lyrical 942/952.N – Olivia 
> 2nd Half 
> Almost Like Being in Love – Taps 450.N, 450/460.F, 470.F –
> Christine 
> White Christmas – HH/JF 720/730.F – Chrissi 
> Together – FX – Lauren 
> Conform – FX – Olivia 
> Heatmiser – Acrodance I.N – Kimberly 
> Solo – Jamie Becker 
> Dance of the Merlitons – Ballet 245/250.N – Kelsy 
> Somebody Loves You – Jazz 395.F – Hannah 
> Solo – Natalie Wright 
> Sleigh Ride – FX – Lauren 
> November – Lyrical 992.F – Lauren 
> For Now I Am Winter – Special Topics II – Lauren 
> Frosty the Snowman – Jazz 330/340.F -- Kimberly 
> Dancers in Freaks Like Me, Heatmiser, and Good Ship Lollipop should
> arrive at FCC’s JBK Theater lobby at 6:00 in costume, with cover up.
> Other first half dancers should arrive to FCC's JB Kussmaul
> Theater lobby in their costumes with a cover up over it (with makeup
> and hair done) at 6:45. If they are in more than one dance, please
> bring extra costumes and shoes in a garment/dance bag with everything
> labeled with names. If part of your class assigned costume is being
> provided by the studio, it will be waiting in the dressing room and
> backstage staff will assist in getting it to your dancer.
> Second half dancers are to arrive at 7:00 with their first costume on
> with a cover up over it (hair and makeup done) and extra costumes in a
> garment/dance bag with everything labeled.
> All dancers check in with my staff at the information table in the
> lobby and will then be escorted back to the dressing rooms by our
> volunteers. Parents are not permitted backstage.
> The house will open between 7:00 and 7:15 and seating is general
> admission. We anticipate a full house so please enter the theater and
> move to the center of the rows. Do not leave empty seats between
> people. Please do not expect to video the show from your seat. Members
> of the audience want to watch the show without distraction and
> obstructed views (cameras)....please be a professional and courteous
> member of the audience. FLASH photography is PROHIBITED! 
> Where to video the show: There is a staging area to the left of the
> balcony seating where we place people who want to tape the show. This
> is not a come and go place, this is for people setting up tripods for
> the duration of the performance.
> PreDancers and Combo 103 dancers should be picked up from the
> backstage entrance at intermission. It is in the theater to the left
> of the stage as you are looking at it. Ms Nicole will point this out 
> during opening announcements. The theater opens up a bit after
> intermission so seating is not an issue. Other dancers will remain
> with their classes and my volunteers to watch the second half at the 
> back of the theater. Please send one parent to the stage entrance at
> the end of the show for all other dancers.
> Thank you for allowing your dancer to participate in this wonderful
> event. It has become an exciting tradition at MMPAC. MMPAC Cares to
> Dance teaches our students that they can share their love of 
> dance while also doing good things for others less fortunate in their
> community and in the world. MMPAC truly does IMPACT lives through
> dance and theater.
> Refreshments will be available for sale in the lobby during
> intermission. All snacks and beverages will be $1...please bring
> singles. Proceeds benefit SHIP and PACKS FOR HOPE....Frederick
> County 



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