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Barre Essentials

Kimberly Price is the creator of the Barre Essentials program.  For the past several years she has offered exercise classes utilizing the ballet barre.  This concept inspired Barre Essentials in 2009.  It is the perfect combination of workout, meditation/contemplation and dance.  It is rewarding and beneficial to men, women, dancers and non-dancers.  Please read about the program and try it for yourself.

Program Benefits

Barre Essentials training allows participants to engage and challenge their core with the assistance of a support structure (the barre).  The use of a support structure enhances muscle firing during a prolonged period and with a greater range of movement than that achieved when relying on self support.  Thus, muscle development and strength goals are achieved over a shorter span of time. (Supported movement)

The focus of Barre Essentials on basic dance vocabulary allows intermediate and advanced dancers the opportunity to concentrate on technique without a concern for choreography or the preparation of the body for additional work within the class.  Barre Essentials is the goal in and of itself and, therefore, students can approach the work with single-mindedness. (Sole purpose)

Barre Essentials combines the drive and discipline of a group exercise class with the respect for an individual’s level and desired goals.  While the movement is directed, the range of motion and level of intensity are personal preferences based on the daily and long-term goals of the participant. (Individualized program)

The fitness benefits of a Barre Essentials workout are well suited to the geriatric population.  By nature, the movement is slow and concentrated into manageable sequences targeting one group of body mechanics at a time.  The older population will see the benefits in enhanced core strength, improved posture and balance and better coordination.  (Geriatric benefits)

The Barre Essentials program is the perfect complement to physical therapy and/or rehabilitation for dancers returning to dance after an absence or those returning from injury.  Ballet barre work maximizes conditioning through resistance training without the concerns of impact that are inherent in a typical dance class. (Rehabilitation)

Through the use of resistance training, participants will see improved muscle tone and strength without the “bulking” commonly found in strength training programs.  This approach results in long, lean, sculpted muscles which are less prone to injury thanks to the combination of strength and stretch achieved in a barre sequence. Through this training, participants are able to literally resculpt their bodies.  (Sculpts and protects)

Barre Essentials is the perfect cross-training program for all athletes.  The variety of movements within each exercise allows the teacher hundreds of variations.  Each class is different.  This variety counters the repetitive motions of most sport activities and deters repetitive-motion injuries.  (Cross training)

Dancers will find the Barre Essentials program particularly effective for trouble shooting problem areas and weaknesses in technique.  Upper level dancers can focus on correcting bad habits and fine tuning specific movements through this slower class.  Less experienced dancers will have the opportunity to take on more difficult steps and sequences with the support of the barre to aid balance and without the need to incorporate these newer steps into complex choreography.  (Multi-leveled approach)

All participants will discover and/or reconnect with the joy of movement as they dance each exercise.  Set to classical music, the exercises allow individuals to experience the fluidity of movement and restorative power of dance. Participants will leave the class feeling challenged, energized, focused and accomplished.  (Joy in motion)

The core training of Pilates, the meditative effect of yoga, the sculpting benefits of resistance training and the balance work of a Bosu workout combine in Barre Essentials.  Hundreds of years of ballet technique have gone into creating the basis for the ideal full body workout.  This is not a trend, but a state-of-the-art training program for creating the strong, lean look of a dancer in the body of a true athlete. (History of effectiveness)

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